In a world that’s all about followers and friends it’s fair to say social media reigns. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn – the list goes on. Yet while we’re probably more connected to others than ever before, there’s an increasing narrative that we are, in fact, less connected than we’ve ever been.

While our social networks have expanded the harsh reality is that our ability to really connect with people, face-to-face, has declined. Our relationships lack quality – not only in our personal lives but in our professional lives, too.

At HR Plus, we’ve always been proud of our unique business model: a business model with strong and healthy relationships at its core. Our team of over 40 associates are all part of our 1st or 2nd level network and we’ve been more than deliberate in building a community of HR professionals we enjoy working with, and that our clients and partners want to work with, too.

While we wouldn’t have it any other way, we’re the first to admit that, like any relationship, you have to work at it – which means we often meet people for coffee just because we want to maintain our connection with them (not purely to position ourselves for work!) We genuinely believe if we get the relationship piece right the work will happen – and that’s a win-win situation for all involved.

In fact, we’re so convinced that you’ll often find us advising our clients of the benefits of social recruiting because, let’s be honest: Wellington is a village and a place where business is based on relationships, from meeting in a cafe to bumping into someone on The Terrace.

From our comments above, you might think we’re implying there’s no place for platforms like LinkedIn – but there absolutely is! At HR Plus we firmly believe in the value of LinkedIn – when it’s used to build actual relationships, instead of just added connections to your network.

Part of our commitment to maintaining strong relationships means that we often connect with both our clients and associates a number of times throughout the year just to catch up over a drink in an informal environment. Unsurprisingly, the feedback we receive highlights just how much people enjoy our events – as a platform to really connect; a space for our associates to build a greater sense of community and for our clients and associates alike to share stories, learn from one another and strengthen their own networks.

We’re fast coming to that time of year – end of year functions, Christmas celebrations, and summer BBQs and time at the beach (hopefully!) with friends and family. It’s also a great time to set some goals for the year ahead.

Why not set yourselves some goals about keeping connected with your own networks?

  • Make a goal of meeting someone for a coffee once a week
  • When you see someone in the street and say, ‘we should catch up’ – get your phone out and book it in
  • Have lunch with someone in your office once a week/fortnight

Whatever goals you set yourself, don’t underestimate the importance of keeping connected – really.