If you know anything about the team here at HR Plus, you’ll know our favourite saying: great things come in threes. Just like our much-anticipated and very popular tHRee Series!

Now in their second year, we’ve been hosting our tHRee Series events since early 2018, creating an opportunity for HR professionals, partners and industry influencers to come together for a TED-style talk – one hour, three speakers, three times a year.

We’ve just hosted our first tHRee Series event for 2019 – and what an event it was, too, with Hnry Co-Founder and CEO, James Fuller, and our very own Mahesh Vallabh and Simone Guy.

HR Plus’ industry expert Mahesh Vallabh kicked off the event by sharing his insights into the world of recruitment (now and into the future), the value of employer branding and, perhaps most importantly, what candidates want (what they really, really want).

We were treated to the impressive growth story of FinTech start-up Hnry – the self-described trusted financial sidekick for contractors and freelancers which has grown from concept to industry disruptor in a little over two years.

And we were fortunate to close out the morning with an in-depth conversation around flexible working led by Simone Guy – covering off everything from what ‘flexible’ really means (to the employer and the employee) right through to positive impacts on productivity.

If you’ve been thinking about flexible working and how it could work for you, why not get in touch? Whether you’re still thinking about what flexible means for you, or you’re building a business case or developing a policy for flexible working in your organisation, the HR Plus team would love to help.

Finally, we’ve already turned our minds to our second tHRee Series event for 2019 which we’re hoping to host in the coming months – so watch this space!