As a concept, Agile is fast becoming commonplace across a range of organisations, transforming the way we work.

In the spirit of hitting the ground running in 2019, we recently completed an Agile HR course and we’re very pleased to now be recognised as ICAgile Certified Professionals in Agile Talent. 

Already, we’re finding lots of organisations want to embrace the philosophy of Agile – transparency, collectivism, autonomy, and a (healthy) obsession with delivering true value to customers. As many of our clients have told us, the reality is that these things can be challenging to implement in a practical way.

The great news is that we are now well-positioned to support businesses that are keen to adopt Agile HR practices, including addressing some of the challenges this can present in the business environment and maximising the merits of Agile.

If you’re wondering where to start on your Agile HR journey, we’d welcome the opportunity for a robust chat (over a coffee, of course!) to discuss the pros and cons – just get in touch.