I remember being young (yes I can still remember that far back) and one of the things that interested me in the HR profession was to have a job with a primary focus on the people of an organisation.

Having now been in HR for about 20 years, the stories between experienced HR practitioners are often told of interviewing the young person who says they want to get into HR because they “love people” or want to “help people”. We hear that and cringe a bit or advise that perhaps the HR profession is not for them as often we spend most of our time dealing with difficult people or situations and being involved in tough decisions that people do not like. Maybe I’ve been a bit harsh on those people.

Last night, HR Plus hosted a function for the associates and clients we are currently working with. As I reflect on it this morning, we are working with a group of people who we regard as some of Wellington’s top HR practitioners and one of the things that makes them so great is they are good people who do want to have a positive impact on organisations and the people within them.

We are building a community of people who are highly capable in their field of expertise and deliver high quality work for our clients, but they also look to ensure that people are treated well, with respect and a level of care that I think makes them stand out above the rest.

These people are not only the kind of HR professionals that we are pleased to have representing the HR Plus brand, but they are the kind of people our clients want to have involved in their businesses. They bring great thinking and solutions that help our clients achieve their desired outcomes, but they live and contribute in a way that has a positive impact on the culture and people around them.

So yes, we think we are building a community of great people – great clients matched with great HR people!