They say good things come in threes – and when it comes to our very own HR Plus tHRee Series events, they couldn’t have been more right!

An idea we kicked off in early 2018, our tHRee Series events are an opportunity for HR professionals and influencers from across the greater Wellington region to come together for a TED-style talk – one hour, three speakers, three times a year.

Just last week we wrapped up the third of our 2018 Series with our biggest event to date, bringing together speakers from Wellington, Sydney and Sweden.

Hosting Pia-Maria Thorén (Agile HR), Tania Gough, and Rich Boldock (Enboarder), our final event for 2018 focussed on Agile HR, the rise of the intergenerational workforce and the benefits of enhancing employee engagement.

With a fantastic turnout, our brilliant speakers, the high energy in the room and the relaxed environment contributed to plenty of really positive feedback from those who attended.

These events are fast proving to be a ‘must attend’ – not only as a great opportunity for those in the HR space to connect with one another, but also as a way to hear and share leading edge thinking and insights from within the industry.

The great news is that planning for our 2019 tHRee Series is already well underway, with the first event due to kick off in March next year. Be sure to keep an eye out for more information on this over the coming months.